On the week that an Australian man broke the world record for the world’s largest burp, I show you the latest records that you need to, ahem, get wind of…

Marc Cotterell Feat. Dave Shorland – Your Soul (Plastik People)
Demarkus Lewis and Marc Cotterell are probably some of the most prominent garage house makers around at the moment – so it was more than likely the two would encounter each other at some point. And here it is. Lewis has taken a song by Cotterell and brilliant saxophone player Dave Shorland and remixed it quite cleverly. He’s added a few deep chords in the back whilst allowing the saxophone to lead proceedings. Clever!

Yooks & Rona Ray – Goosebumps (Quantize)
Well, it’s not the most exciting release from Quantize in recent times, is it? The vocal mix is decent enough – a bit like the sort of thing they used to play as the opening track on Hed Kandi compilations years ago. True2Life tries to add meat to the bones with something a little tougher – but ultimately has limited success due to the vocal not being strong enough to work properly with it.

Arturo Macchiavelli Feat. Lee Wilson – I Need Your Help (King Street)
Lee Wilson is one of those people whose voice has been appearing a lot in 2021, and he looks set to end the year in much the same way. The Coflo mix of this is pretty good, but it takes the remix from Sebb Junior to bring this one to life properly.

DJ Disciple Feat. Harmonies – I Will Shine Again (Catch 22)
Mr Marc Cotterell appears once again, this time on remix duties. The vocals on this one are strong, and Cotterell does a good job on the remix – although it’s probably not his best work recently. I found the dub quite disappointing – something deeper and more playful could have been interesting.

Ross Couch – Give Me More (Body Rhythm)
Now this has one or two surprises in it. Aside from being the usual signature Ross Couch kind of thing, it has a couple of rather unexpected rave stab style sounds in it. This might take a few listens to get into, but do persist…

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