If there’s one thing we know about DJ Sneak – other than the fact he loves a good row with his fellow DJs, or the fact he still hasn’t delivered his vow to remove his music from digital stores – it’s that the so-called house gangster is a very good boy when it comes to Christmas. What else explains his Christmas Eve show finishing when it does?

This week, we’ve learnt something else about Sneak – and to be fair, this is something this blog is happy to give him at least some credit for. Like a number of other dance music related avenues, he’s using the opportunity to sell you a possibility present for someone this Christmas. Hardly surprising given we’re trying to emerge from a pandemic and ways of making money are in short supply.

Here’s his advert on Instagram…


This blog must express its disappointment that there’s no DJ Sneak Christmas jumper available, with the man himself dressed as Santa. But kudos must surely be given for not bumping up his prices or coming up with overpriced baseball caps in the same way Nervous Records did.

No doubt that Santa Claus will be watching this latest act of loyalty towards his fans. As he tucks himself into bed on Christmas Eve – leaving out a mince pie for the big boned bearded man in red and a carrot for the reindeer – let’s hope he’s rewarded with a big sack full of goodies…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.