In 1987, British comedy Only Fools and Horses broadcast a scene at Peckham’s market. Del Boy was trying to sell these back massagers and used the machine on lovable Uncle Albert to show what it could allegedly do. Albert, who told the crowd he’d had a bad back for years at the beginning, was now dancing merrily.

After an unconvinced member of the crowd suggests the two know each other, Del Boy responds with “No, we’ve never met before, have we sir?”. To which Uncle Albert unhelpfully replies “No Del, we haven’t”.

And right now, I’m wondering if a similar conversation needs to take place over in Berlin. Because yesterday, Resident Advisor’s shiny new editor-in-chief Whitney Wei finally wrote something for the website – an end of year article. She’s only been there since the summer, after all…

You’re more than welcome to read the entire article, if you wish. I’d advise a large dose of modafinil before doing so – for an editor, Wei seems surprisingly incapable of editing herself. But the contributions of one person whom she features in her article deserve a little more attention.

Caroline Whiteley is being interviewed in this article as if she was a third party. Which is a little strange – just six weeks ago, Whiteley wrote an article for Resident Advisor. The same Resident Advisor whose editor-in-chief is now writing as if she’d never met her before.

But that isn’t all. You see, Whiteley is currently the deputy editor at Telekom Electronic Beats – the previous employer of a certain Whitney Wei. According to Whiteley’s own LinkedIn page, she started working at Electronic Beats in December 2019, meaning there’s a considerable overlap in the amount of time Wei and Whiteley both worked at the company.

At the time, Whiteley’s own boss would have been Wei. So the two clearly know each other – a detail which RA’s editor has mysteriously failed to include in her own article. And there’s one more cherry on the top of this deeply unsavoury and nepotistic cake.

This blog has had it confirmed by two different sources that Whiteley is leaving her job at Electronic Beats. She has put the word out to her friends in the industry that she’s on the lookout for new opportunities and freelance work. A number of PR agencies have received her e-bulletin, along with some of the other dance magazines.

The attention from this article certainly won’t do her job seeking prospects any harm, nor will the publicity from posting it to Resident Advisor’s 613,000 Instagram followers. Others, however, in the dance music scene might not take so kindly to such shameless use of insider connections…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.