From time to time, Danny Rampling’s stance on the pandemic bumps into this thing called reality. Such as the moment his ramblings on the current health situation clash with his real life obligations – such as his obligation to earn money so that he gets to tweet from a very nice house as opposed to a box at the side of the road.

Hence why the likes of vaccine passports and such were going to cause a problem for Rampling. He takes a strong stance, urging people not to comply with restrictions and rules put in place to slow the virus down. Now, this blog is a fan of freedom of speech – and Rampling does indeed hold the right to have a different opinion to me.

But when you take such a stringent angle, questions are bound to be asked at some point. Such as when your views on vaccine passports mix with the need to earn some money. You see, Rampling is appearing at Brighton’s Concorde2 next month – and since last month, they’ve had to enforce English Covid passports rules…

Unless Rampling is a massive hypocrite, he is presumably unvaccinated against Covid-19 – so logically, he’ll therefore be gaining entry by taking a negative lateral flow test before driving down the M23 to Brighton. But it does mean that Rampling ultimately has to comply with the same system which he’s protesting fervently about on social media.

It also results in him having to promote this event on his social media pages, thus encouraging his followers and fans to comply with the rules he spends his days telling them not to obey. Why no one on his timeline calls him out for this isn’t hard to explain – the subsequent pile-on of moonbeams would put many off.

But the failure of the dance music press on this blatant hypocrisy is more puzzling. Unless, of course, the rumours about a number of prominent writers and journalists in it being anti-vaxxers are true. Heaven forbid…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.