About Amateur At Play

Amateur At Play is the founder and sole author of Amateur’s House. My real name is Danny Griffiths, I live in Northern Ireland with my wife and three children. I’m originally from Wales, and I’ve dabbled in making music – now I’m dabbling in writing about it!

I’ve been a fan of dance music in all its forms since the early 1990s. It’s a very long story, but it started when my dad came home from work in 1991. He brought home a radio with a single cassette player and told me I could have it.

One Friday night, I was playing around with the radio when I came across a station playing this new type of music that I’d never heard before. I later discovered I was listening to a very early edition of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 and that this was called house music.

I started making my own music in 2016, getting my first release the following year. This is currently on a hiatus of sorts following the unexpectedly quick success of this blog, but you can check out what I did over the past five years here