About this blog

If you’ve come onto this page, you either want to find out more about this blog’s modus operandi or you were searching for something you probably shouldn’t and accidentally ended here instead. The first group should read on. To the second group, I can only apologise. Perverts.

Anyway – writing stuff about dance music that others won’t? That’s what this blog does in a nutshell. I started this site early in 2021 after getting increasingly disillusioned with the dance music press. They only cover the issues they want to cover. They ignore things that might cost them advertising revenue. And forget about any discussion of difficult issues!

Amateur’s House works differently. This blog aims to bring you news and opinion from the dance music world. It’s not like any other writing that exists in dance music. Expect gossip, music reviews – news you won’t read elsewhere and news that’s covered from a very different light to the PR-driven approach of the mainstream press.

Expect a blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously, doesn’t take most people in the dance music world seriously, but takes the big issues very seriously indeed. And although this blog is based in the UK, you can expect posts on matters domestic and international.

This blog feigns absolutely no pretence at objectivity – I have an opinion that you’re perfectly welcome to agree or disagree with. Other – and considerably more boring – outlets are available if you’re not keen…

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