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Amateur At Play – Bring On The Love EP (OUT NOW!)

You’ve just listened to “Bring On The Love”, the title track from this two track EP. It’s exclusive to Traxsource for another week before it goes on streaming and such.

You can get it from here.

Behind The Record – I Know Which Category I’m In (Out February 15th)

On Tuesday night, I revealed what was behind the record “Bring On The Love”, off the forthcoming EP of the same name. Tonight, I shall reveal more about the other side, “I Know Which Category I’m In”.

Some years ago, I started work on an album. The project started well, but soon ran into problems. I won’t bore you with the details here, but the results was the album was never finished. I wasn’t happy with it and decided not to release it.

My track with Richelle Hicks, “Emotions (I Hear Voices)” was one of those records. This is another one. In case you’re wondering about the lyrics, they actually come from a post that I put up on my Facebook page a long time ago. I just lifted the words, put them straight into an online voice synthesiser and put them into the song. That’s literally it.

The bassline comes from the TAL Uno-62 VST, which is what I use for most bass elements on my records. The three chords that make the main chord progression is a simple three chord loop where all the notes have been flipped to play in reverse. There’s not much else to this one.

In a way, I was trying to say that I don’t feel I fit into any categories in more ways than one. I’m not normally one for such grandiose statements, but such was the mood I was in when I originally made this!

And now you know how I made it, you can go and buy it!

Behind The Record – Bring On The Love (Out February 15th)

I like to reveal the stories behind the records that I make. Not just how I made them, but more about the background and sometimes even circumstances. Today, I shall explain what’s behind “Bring On The Love”, from my forthcoming EP of the same name.

This one came about just before Christmas, if I remember correctly. I came across a rejected remix from my archive and decided to repurpose this chord progression in another track. The original remix was quite moody and dark, so I tried bringing this one up on the keyboard to make it sound brighter. It worked!

The drums come from the usual sound sources for me and the bassline simply mirrors the main chords. The strings were just something I quickly came up with to try and elevate things a little further. The Korg M1 and the free Oxe FM synth were the main components used in the song.

As for the vocals, they were something hopelessly basic that I literally made up on the spot. As it was around midnight at the time of making this, and I had a wife and three kids fast asleep, I couldn’t record myself saying this into a microphone. Nor could I get hold of anyone to do it for me – so I found a voice synthesiser online and stuck into that.

The cold, robotic voice contrasts with the warmer sounding chords, or some other wibble. And now you know how I make it, the least you can do it buy it!

Coming up on Thursday – the story behind B-side “I Know Which Category I’m In”.

Amateur At Play – Bring On The Love EP (Out February 15th!)

So it’s time for my first release of the year. Hopefully, there’s going to be a lot for you to choose from as the year goes on – and here’s your first two!

The track you can hear in the above video is “Bring On The Love”, the lead track off the EP of the same name. It’s my attempt at making something really upbeat and cheerful with a synthesised computer voice helping to keep things moving along.

The track you can hear below is “I Know Which Category I’m In”, the second track on the EP. This one was actually going to be on an artist album from me, but that project was scrapped for various reasons. A slight rework of the album version brought me to this point.

Both tracks are now available on preorder at Traxsource.

What’s coming up next in the world of Amateur At Play?

On Sunday, I promised to tell you this week what I had coming up next. And lo and behold, here’s that post!

The next two things I’ve got are as follows. First is my remix contest winning, well, remix of “Don’t Give Up” by Dormidontov & Newzs Feat. Michael Balzer. Russian label Mask Sexy are releasing it. I believe that’s due out on February 11th. Given the quality of the music on the label, I’m humbled to be having a remix released with them.

The second one is just a few days later. It’s a new EP on 3rd Way Recordings called “Bring On The Love”. I wanted to create something a bit lighter than normal and this two track EP does that. There’s also a track called “I Know Which Category I’m In” and a computerised voice which I was convinced for a while didn’t work.

I’m currently getting around one track a day finished, so expect to see the results from this very productive time appear soon!