DJ Empress

Having trouble with the word “sorry”, Christina? DJ Empress deletes posts saying she doesn’t want to be “part of a drama” after being in one for a week – and still not one word of apology for Christian Bruna

Last Saturday, DJ Empress decided to put someone "on blast", to use her choice of expression. Having posted a highly selective excerpt of a conversation, she then decided to name the man as DJ and promoter Christian Bruna. She then spent several days playing the victim. After this blog revealed…

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Isn’t it strange you forgot to mention these details, Christina? DJ Empress ranted about a New York promoter being “sexist” – but the truth portrays her in a VERY different light

DJ Empress won't welcome the attention this post will bring. Apparently, she's decided to stop talking about it because "it's not part of my mindset of abundance" - which, roughly translated, means "I'm going to stop talking about it because people are criticising me". Anyway, a couple of days ago,…

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