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Here’s a scary prospect on this Halloween! Bad Boy Chiller Crew seriously think a bassline remix of 1979 song “Are You Ready For Love” – so does Elton John have the courage to say no?

As far as trick and treats go, this most certainly is not what this blog would consider a treat – not by a long shot. There’s a trio in Bradford who call themselves the Bad Boy Chiller Crew. And they make bassline house records.

They gave an interview to NME during the week and stated they wanted to remix “Are You Ready For Love” by Elton John. Apparently, they’re seriously under the impression that this 1979 song needs a bassline influenced remix for 2021. Kane Walsh of the band said “tell Elton John that if he clears the ‘Are You Ready For Love’ vocals, we’ll remix it, we’d collaborate with him and make a proper banger”.

The prospect of such a song being given a remix of any kind, let alone in the bassline genre, is enough to have me running for the hills. Even Mixmag – who dutifully report these things without asking any questions – seem to be pondering whether they’re just winding everyone up, pointing out “Elton has not commented on the singers ambitious requests as of now”.

I know this blog is read by some high end people out there – and for all I know, Elton John could be one of them. So please, for all our sakes, say no to this request if it ever crosses your desk. The Dua Lipa thing you agreed to was bad enough, but at least she can sing…

Defected’s Simon Dunmore reminds us how cool and underground it still is by, erm… pointing out they’ve got 20% publishing on the latest chart-bothering release by Elton John…

Simon Dunmore, the boss at Defected, gets some stick on this blog. His hypocrisy when condemning others for remixing their archive when his own labels engage in the same practice is but one example where he falls short.

And yet, I also have a certain degree of respect for him. He left the security blanket of the majors to set up the independent Defected at a time when the majors were busily trying to crush Ministry of Sound, which was eating away at their share in the dance market. He’s also taken considerable risks over the years and completely transformed Defected.

So much so that describing Defected as a record label now does them a disservice. They’re more of an events company with a record label attached. Over the years, the company has also selectively invested in different back catalogues – for example, they bought much of MK’s some years ago when the price was low.

Nonetheless, there’s something I find very curious about this building up of back catalogues. It seems like a bit of a lottery to me – pay money and buy lots of things, then hope some of it soon starts making money for you.

Not that Dunmore is worrying. Because he tweeted this last weekend…

Yes, Defected has a 20% publishing stake in Elton John and Dua Lipa’s current release. And all because of a tiny section of the bassline of a Chicken Lips song being in it.

Underground house music and all that…