Sarah Washington put out a few records under that name in the middle of the 1990s. “Heaven” was probably the most well-known of those, a big singalong anthem which came out in 1996 – but in the same year, this one also appeared. It was called “Everything” and was signed to AM:PM at a time when Simon Dunmore – yes, he of Defected Records fame – was in charge of A&R there.

As you no doubt know, house remixes were massively popular in those days – which meant there was lots of room for experimentation. So when Mood II Swing got the vocal stems for this song, they could have gone in any number of directions. But they steered clear of the well-trodden piano house route and decided to create an extremely hypnotic groove which slowly develops – elements coming in and out, tiny snippets of the vocals coming in and out later on, and so forth.

The result is a record which worked in the sets of DJs working under numerous different genres at the time. Still works today, I think….

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.