Comments Policy

Generally speaking, Ears To The House is in favour of free debate and free speech. Comments agreeing or disagreeing with articles are welcomed. All comments are currently being moderated – this policy will be kept under review. Even strongly worded comments will be allowed to remain, provided they follow other guidelines.

The following is a not totally exhaustive list of things which will almost certainly mean your comment gets deleted…

  • Personally insulting the editor or anyone else who writes for this site from time to time. Criticising strongly is permitted and more than welcome, coming here to simply use a row of swear words and make no actual point of any kind isn’t.
  • Comments that are blatantly off-topic. This includes spam and comments on things which are clearly nothing to do with the post subject.
  • Anything libellous or defamatory. If you want to defame others, do it in your own space. Get your own blog or post it on your own social media pages and accept the possible consequences of doing so.
  • Comments promoting your own music or latest project. These will be treated as spam and deleted – anyone repeatedly doing this faces a ban on commenting altogether.

Anyone repeatedly breaking the rules risks being banned from commenting entirely. In short – comments which further discussion are entirely welcome, anything else isn’t…