Time appears to be running away from player of dubious techno music and very occasional campaign leader Rebekah Teasdale. The DJ, known simply by her first name, has now twice failed to appear for an interview with Sacha Wall, her colleague in the well-intentioned but beleaguered #ForTheMusic movement.

This interview was originally meant to go out on November 11th. Then it was moved over to November 19th, last Friday. With barely hours to go, Wall announced on Twitter that the show was being postponed. No date was given, but the website has been updated to say 4pm UK time on Friday 26th November.

What were the two so busy with? It’s unclear at the moment. Wall spent yesterday telling us she couldn’t be at an anti-vax protest whilst refusing to divulge what she thought was more important. And Rebekah was busy saving her bank balance with gigs in Madrid and London.

With the interview now having been rescheduled twice, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on. Perhaps it’s simply been bad luck, or perhaps Sacha Wall is short of questions to ask her long-time friend. So allow me, for what it’s worth, to assist with a few queries which could make for an interview that’s actually interesting.

  • You launched the #ForTheMusic movement back in September last year, at a time when the overwhelming majority of touring DJs like yourself were unable to work. Now that your touring schedule has resumed, do you believe you have the time and resources required to lead a movement like this?
  • You were either aware of Francesco Tristano’s connections to Derrick May or you weren’t. If you weren’t, when did you become aware of them? And if you were aware of them when you first met, what on earth possessed you to think working with a known Derrick May associate was a good thing?
  • You’ve also been pictured with Alan Oldham, another associate of Derrick May who replied with “That’s Derrick” when allegations first surfaced about him. Doesn’t this call your judgement into real question?
  • The blurb on the iStreem Radio website mentions the allegations made against Erick Morillo as a point of discussion. And whilst this is obviously fair, no reference is made to Derrick May. Given the movement started after allegations over May surfaced, what’s the reason for this omission?
  • You are dealing with some very powerful forces in dance music here, and they could well respond to this campaign by pointing out your own background in the world of pornography. Are you prepared for this and what would you say back to them?

That should be enough to get an interesting conversation going – but they’re pretty unlikely to be asked. A source tells me at least part of the focus on Friday will be to make announcements about what happens next with the movement.

For Rebekah’s sake and everyone else, this had better be good. People have waited long enough to see this vital movement start to move forward…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.