Here’s One They Made Earlier: remember THAT piano which E-Smoove used to stick on everything in the early 90s? This is one of the better ones…

It’s hard to believe, but the record I’m including in tonight’s column is a little over 30 years old now. Yes, this one was made and released all the way back in 1991 – and came out of ID Records, an in-house imprint consisting of Steve “Silk” Hurley, Maurice Joshua and E-Smoove.

These days, it’s pretty standard for the producer and singer to both headline a track. Not then. This one is sung by Shay Jones, whilst written by Steve Hurley, Eric Miller of E-Smoove fame and Chantay Savage. Hurley provides a few mixes, but it’s this one by E-Smoove which grabbed my attention…

Yes, it’s got that piano sound that most of Hurley and Smoove’s records from that era – it’s from an Emu Proteus romper, I understand – but it’s one of the better ones of its time. Enjoy…

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