Occasionally, I’m scrolling along on social media and I see something so utterly weird that it stops me dead in my tracks. This was very much one of those moments – and it’s so odd, it nearly makes me want to rethink some things I’ve said in the past.

This blog is not generally a fan of remix contests. As I wrote when talking about the 23×23 campaign, they come with a lot of drawbacks. Many can’t be shared anywhere, and you can’t do anything with them if you don’t win. And even if you win, the record label isn’t obliged to release it anyway.

All the same, this remix contest is easily the weirdest I’ve ever come across. It consists solely of whale sounds. No bassline, no pad sounds, no chords, no drums, and not even a single cowbell sound to work with. It’s literally one stem and you have to create something using that.

And whilst I like to think of myself as a fairly creative sort, I can honestly say I wouldn’t even know where to start on a remix of this. So if any of you out there fancy having a go at this, you’re braver than I am.

The prizes consist of crypto money and gear. Whilst I’d normally say remix contests are a waste of time and you should concentrate on original material and official remixes you’ve been commissioned to do, it might be worth trying this one if you fancy pushing the envelope and seeing what you can do. You never know what you might learn…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.