So much for talk of DJs reducing their gargantuan fees! Time Warp USA returns in November, but you’ll have to pay $201 just for your ticket – and is seeing Richie Hawtin really worth THAT much?

Cast your mind back to the early days of the pandemic. The scene started having discussions which aren’t normally had - mostly because there was nothing else to do. Talk soon turned to the enormous fees being demanded by the higher echelon of DJs - and I’m probably not the…

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Sack your overpaid lawyers! Diplo posts rambling 10-page essay on talking about a woman who tried to “extort me for millions” – but is this really the wisest move from a man who could imminently face criminal charges?

Every now and then, the bubble in which the superstars of the EDM world live in blows up. Given some of the things which get sent my way - most of which would almost certainly result in a libel suit if I published them - the only surprise is it…

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