What was the REAL relationship between Derrick May and Patricia Altisent? Recently unearthed blog offers potentially disturbing explanation

I’ve previously written about Patricia Altisent on this blog. So far, we know that she doesn’t like it when people publish her email address, and she also seems to think that she has no duties as a manager for her artist.

What else explains the total refusal to say literally anything about Derrick May? She has nothing to say on the allegations from no less than 18 different women, and refuses to even answer emails confirming whether she still represents May.

Well, for 6 years, Patricia was in a on and off relationship with Derrick May. From the accounts I have come across, the relationship was tumultuous and frenzied – mostly existing for the physical benefits of such an arrangement.

Other descriptions cite her continuing association with Derrick May as being a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome – a term first used in 1973. Explanation?

“The name of the syndrome is derived from a botched bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. In August 1973 four employees of Sveriges Kreditbank were held hostage in the bank’s vault for six days. During the standoff, a seemingly incongruous bond developed between captive and captor.”

This wasn’t a theory I gave much credence too – initially. That all changed when, thanks to an anonymous tipoff, I’m able to reveal the existence of a blog from none other than Patricia Gianadda – which is the name Patricia Altisent used when she was married.

There’s little reading involved, but there are a LOT of paintings. She’s got quite a talent for it. She’s certainly a lot better at it than her job as Derrick May’s manager, anyway.

You can see it for yourself here. The blog ran from October 2010 until December 2013. It’s likely to disappear as soon as she finds out about this article, but don’t bother – I have all the screenshots. The Internet doesn’t forget!

This online diary has some truly disturbing content in it. For example, her final entry in December 2013 and is captioned “End of Everything”. Note the large D in the middle of the painting.

Or there’s this one, from April 2013. Again, note the smaller D in this one, from an entry titled “Lies and Tears”.

Here’s a slightly different painting from January 2012, titled “No way out”. Notice in the bottom right hand corner of his painting, there appears to be a silhouette of a man. Who could that man be?

And finally, there’s this rather sinister post from June 2011, simply entitled “Eyes Without A Face”.

What exactly is Altisent trying to tell the world – because this blog is online and free for anyone to see – about her treatment by Derrick May? I would try and contact her to ask, but her dreadful habit of not responding to emails has put me off doing so.

In the absence of that, draw your own conclusions…

Someone else for you to sue, Patricia! Derrick May the latest to be caught publishing her email address

I’ve come across a big stack of new information about everyone’s favourite person from Detroit – well, that’s if everyone else died overnight anyway. I’m sifting through that and you’ll no doubt be reading more soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a public service for none other than Patricia Altisent. You see, she doesn’t like it when people publish her email address. Michael James did so recently and got a cease and desist from her overpaid Swiss solicitors in response.

So, since her solicitors are now suing people who publish her email address, look who’s going to be next to receive a letter? Why, none other than Derrick May himself!

Roll on the court case! With any luck, we might finally find out if Altisent still manages May. His Instagram profile suggests she is – or, at least he thinks she does. She still hasn’t replied to my emails asking for clarity on this question…

Update – An earlier version of this article contained a photo that was captioned as being Patricia Altisent, with Derrick May and an anonymous woman. The women were, infact, an R&S Records employee and Sofia Spin. I apologise for the error.

Has Patricia Altisent dumped Derrick May? Manager refuses to comment on claims she’s ditched the Detroit DJ amidst sex abuse allegations

I’ve written once or twice in reference to Patricia Altisent recently. She is Derrick May’s manager. Or was. No one seems to know for certain. Emails to the lady herself on the subject have not received a response at the time of publication.

In the absence of any definitive word from Altisent herself, Derrick May or any of my usual sources – they’re all currently drawing a blank on this question too – it remains to be explained exactly what she is up to.

All we know is that she has rebranded the Transmat Agency as the Nyaera Agency. When you visit their page on Instagram, you see this…

The page has been flooded with no less than 12 copies of the logo. This is a deliberate tactic designed to drive down the other posts and reduce their likelihood of popping up on people’s phones and tablets.

And the rebrand is certainly being noticed. These are the two comments you see when you click the most recent post

Going through the remainder of the posts, it’s obvious that Altisent or a representative has been busy cleansing the page of any posts that feature an image of Derrick May or any mentions of him.

All that survive are very fleeting mentions in the occasional comment section, and most of those refer only to “Derrick”. A person who was unfamiliar with the previous branding would probably not be aware of who this referenced.

Perhaps my initial view of Altisent as being as a friend of May was wrong. Removing all trace of the brand he loved more than any other is a strange way of showing your support for someone, isn’t it?

This lack of clarity is doing no one any good, least of all Altisent herself. It’s high time she explained her position on this matter instead of relying on her overpaid Swiss solicitors and their dismal attempts to shut people up.

Even at this stage, it’s not too late. Do the right thing, Patricia…

Money, drugs, women: the REAL tale of Derrick May?

On Tuesday night, I referred to an interview that Derrick May did back in 2006 with Red Bull. You can read the whole transcript here.

I previously talked about how saddened May would be if Transmat was to ever close down – which makes his silence on what his manager Patricia Altisent doing even more baffling.

So, here’s something else that really stood out for me in the interview. Something that would have looked all innocuous back in 2006. Remember that May was speaking to an audience in Melbourne. I would wager it was a mostly male audience too.

Australians aren’t exactly known for being a reticent people, and I suspect May thought this kind of banter would go down well…

Knowing what we know now about Derrick? These comments just seem downright weird. Notice the rowing back when he mentions his car?

Yeah, me too.

Derrick May has a friend. And that’s not the only surprise…

Today, it’s not Derrick May who’s being an arsehole. Well, he no doubt is, just as he has been every day for at least the past 35 years. But today, it’s one of his friends who’s going to sit in the ducking stool on his behalf.

Meet Patricia Altisent. She is currently Derrick May’s manager. She is also his former girlfriend. The two were in a relationship for some six years, so it’s safe to say she’s got to know May.

Curiously however, she doesn’t want you to know that she manages Derrick May. The recently rebranded Transmat Agency has a nice little profile up about her ladyship. It makes no mention of her friend and one time boyfriend.

Last week, she got her Zurich based solicitors to send another threatening email over to Michael James, the journalist who originally got the ball going on the allegations that still enwreathe May now.

Head over to his page if you fancy reading the “confidential” email. He covers this in great detail. There is one matter, however, that I’d like to pick up on.

Altisent’s solicitor is most indignant about the fact that “on his Facebook page, [James] has even published the email address of our client”. In which case, they might want to get in touch with the bailout receiving, plague rave profiteering Resident Advisor.

They have a page for an artist called Iva, whom Altisent represents. What do you see at the bottom of the picture? Click it and zoom right in…

Yep, it’s Patricia Altisent’s email address. Get your solicitors on the phone, Patricia!