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Isn’t it curious what a big pay cheque can make you do? Idris Elba reveals Meghan Markle told him what to play at royal wedding in 2018 – and speaks about it being “a high pressured gig”…

This blog is firmly of the opinion DJs should be left alone to get on with their work. When you hire a DJ, you should do so trusting they will choose the right music at the right time. You wouldn’t tell a builder which type of brick to use, would you?

If you start getting into the realm of telling a DJ what to play, you might as well not bother hiring one in the first place. Because this means they’re not a DJ anymore – they’re just relaying a playlist. And you’re making yourself look stupid, because you’re paying someone else to play your choice of music.

Meghan Markle appears to have not received this memo. Idris Elba was the DJ at her wedding to the exiled ginger one known as Prince Harry – and he’s now revealed that he was told exactly what to play by the lady herself. No freedom to choose his own tracklists for Elba!

He also mentioned feeling it was a “high pressure gig” – a comment which seems to have left heads scratching in certain quarters. I suspect he might have been referring to the lack of freedom offered by the gig, although he can’t explicitly say that. Heaven forbid he upsets his friends, eh?

Although in the unlikely event Elba comes along and reads this, don’t expect this blog to offer any sympathy. The huge pay cheque you got for the night should more than make up for basically being a relay for a few hours, Idris…

About that time Wills met Morillo: the royal story that Prince William might prefer you didn’t know about

Far be it for me to rain on the British royal family – they’ve had more than their fair share of trouble and sadness recently – but amidst the talk about possible reconciliation between Princes Harry and William, a story came to mind.

It’s traditionally believed that Prince Harry was the more sociable of the two, the more likely to enjoy a party. Not necessarily so, according to club promoter Tony Truman.

Back in September 2020, Erick Morillo died. His autopsy revealed that he was killed by an overdose of ketamine, a drug traditionally used as a tranquilliser on horses. At the time, he had been charged with sexual battery and was due in court on the day his lifeless body was found.

None of this stopped Truman, of course, from posting that Morillo would be “properly missed by all”.

He then recited a story about the time that Prince William was in Ibiza with then girlfriend Kate Middleton, and Truman had been tasked with arranging his party plans. It is believed that all this happened in 2006, when the future Duke of Cambridge was 24.

Truman arranged for the prince to attend a party at Pacha, where Erick Morillo would be playing. According to his account, he received a phone call the next day from William himself – he praised Morillo for looking after him, and said that the DJ had turned the R&B fan onto house music.

Given what we now know about Erick Morillo, I doubt this is one story that William will want to remind anyone of…