Here is the lineup for the Parklife festival, due to take place in Manchester later this year. As you can see in the flyer, they’ve obviously focused on having a smaller number of artists this year…

Jokes aside, three things are rather noticeable once you start going through the hideously long list of names appearing. Does Sacha Lord not have the ability to say “right, that’s enough DJs and artists booked now”?

Firstly, Derrick May is not on the list. There. I promised myself I’d say something nice about Parklife first and I did. Then again, perhaps 51st State Festival have something to say about that?

Secondly, the design on this flyer is absolutely terrible. It really is. The fact so many names have been bunched together in this way in all these different colours makes it look like it was designed by a child on a sugar rush with a computer running Windows 95. It’s painfully hard to read.

And thirdly, I see at least a couple of plague rave DJs on the bill. Solardo, Peggy Gou and others. I’m trying to work out exactly how many there are – six is my unofficial count at the time of publication.

Which is a bit awkward. Because back in June 2020, Sacha Lord – the man who co-founded Parklife – tweeted this:

That doesn’t appear to stop Sacha Lord from booking plague rave DJs for his festival. Isn’t it curious how principles cease to apply when money enters the equation?

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