Eleven days ago, I wrote a post about a video of Derrick May showing how he played live. The video was notable for the fact it showed no footage of him playing live. You can read all about it here – it’s quite the story.

I challenged Derrick May to prove he is the musical revolutionary he believes he is by posting a YouTube video clearly explaining his theory that two instruments can play in different keys on the same song and not sound like nails on a chalkboard.

I gave him ten days to complete the challenge. I know that he’ll be aware of it – I can see quite a few visitors from Detroit appear whenever I write about him. I also gave him a generous time allowance because I know he’s a busy man.

Admittedly, he spends most of his time wondering how to get the $6million legal suit from Toronto to go away, but I digress.

The deadline was yesterday. So I’m not the least bit surprised to see that he has failed dismally to complete the challenge. Even a man who thinks he’s capable of talking himself out of a room with no doors isn’t able to do that.

Furthermore, I’ve seen quite a few more videos now online, and I can confirm that he cannot play a single note. Not back in 1989…

Nor in 2019.

30 years on, he STILL hasn’t bothered to learn. And as you’ll discover later today, this is one of the less disturbing things about Derrick May…