The dance music press are, if nothing else, lazy. Hence why if you follow them, you might be under the impression that when Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he wants nightclubs open again by June 21st, he’s speaking for the nation.

Well, he is. Unfortunately, that nation isn’t the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That nation he speaks of is England. It’s only within English borders that he has authority on this subject – devolution means that the three other UK nations have different policies.

Scotland, for example, has a levels system. They’re currently on level 3. Even when Scotland goes down to level zero – and there is no indicative date given here – nightclubs must remain closed. As for Wales and Northern Ireland? I cannot find any mention of nightclubs anywhere in their plans.

Given this discrepancy, you have to wonder who’s right and who’s wrong. According to Dr Chris Jones, the deputy chief medical officer for Wales…

“I would be very surprised if that was the case at that time. I think there’s going to be a considerable time before we can mix freely in nightclubs or without any form of social distancing or protection.”

Since Johnson first mentioned this back in February, the government has said surprisingly little on the subject. Part of that is because they wanted to run a test event first – and the results from that should be known soon – but the silence does seem disconcerting.

It’s no wonder the other three governments have decided to prioritise other things. It remains to be seen who’s got the right approach – although I remain certain that England’s nightclubs will not open on June 21st…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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