A few days ago, I wrote about the approaches of the UK’s four different nations to easing up on lockdown. This can occasionally create a very confusing situation if you’re unaware of the differences depending where you are.

For example, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has mentioned in the past that he wants nightclubs to be able to reopen from June 21st. What he isn’t particularly good at is reminding people that he is only speaking for England when he makes this vow.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have no dates set for when prohibitions on mass gatherings will be removed. It’s risky enough organising a festival in England at the moment with a date that could be moved at very little notice.

Organising one elsewhere in the UK, where no dates at all have been set, seems even more chancy. Yet that’s what Escape 2021, set to be in Swansea, have done.

They’ve really hedged their bets with this one. The devolved nations have adopted a more cautious tone than England throughout the pandemic – so choosing a late September date is possibly wise.

I just hope that Mark Drakeford is in a kind mood…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.