A few weeks ago, you might recall that Masters At Work released a new single – their first in a very long time indeed. I listened to all the mixes and wrote up a review for this very blog. You can read it here.

Sufficient to say that the review wasn’t terribly nice. I’ve also published pieces questioning whether the two men are getting on – here and here. As a Masters At Work fan since the early 1990s, they weren’t easy to write either.

Anyway, I got a bit of a chuckle last night after I saw that Louie Vega had posted a list on his Facebook page of all the places that had posted about new single “Mattel”. I didn’t think I’d make the cut… but apparently, I did – misspelling included.

I presume that this list was supplied by the Additive Music PR team rather than curated by Mr Vega himself.

Either Additive Music don’t read what is written about their clients, or they decided that any publicity was better than no publicity – and for the record, I was never approached by this PR agency to write about this single.

This all reminds me of a story. I ran a blog about British politics and culture many years ago. I wrote one time about John Prescott’s appearance on an advert for Money Supermarket. Again, I wasn’t very kind – but a PR agency emailed me to tell me Mr Prescott would “appreciate the kind words” I said.

You must require a sense of humour to work in one…

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2 thought on “What do PR companies actually do? Reading what’s written about their clients obviously isn’t one of them for Additive Music, it seems!”
  1. Will their PR firm actually read the review before plugging it this time? My review of “We Did It For Years”, the Masters At Work follow-up to the underwhelming “Mattel” – Amateur At Play's House says:

    […] If you’re wondering what on earth that headline is about, you’ll see the story here. […]

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