It appears that if your name is Mr Simon Dunmore, hypocrisy is something that only other people are guilty of. A few weeks ago, he was complaining about the charts being full of remixes of old records.

Ironically, he had a point. I’m also of the opinion that dance music recycles the past far too much for my liking, and I think it hurts new talent – this is one of many reasons why I’ve practically stopped producing. What incentive is there to make something new when it’s going to get drowned by a remix of something from 1997?

It turns out, however, that in Simon Dunmore’s world, it’s not hypocrisy when he does it. His label has just put out three new remixes of “God Make Me Phunky”, a track that Mike Dunn did under his MD-Xpress alias in 1994.

And that’s to add to the ones Defected released back in 2008 alongside the original and X-Press 2 remixes from 1994.

Simon seems happy to do some recycling when he benefits financially from it…