UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, Traxsource have since responded to my request for comment, saying that the lists are based entirely on sales.

It was Carl Cox who said many years ago that the reason house music continues to survive and thrive is because it evolves each year. No year sounds quite the same as the last, giving the music longevity and depth.

If we follow this theory to judge the latest Traxsource feature – the Best of 2021 So Far – house music is well and truly in serious trouble. Even for a genre in which the remix has been held in high regard, house music is now cannibalising itself to an extent never seen before.

For example, in the main chart, we have the following…

  • The number one is a remix by Full Intention of The Fog’s “Been A Long Time” – a song originally released in 1993.
  • Number four is a Michael Gray remix, one half of the aforementioned Full Intention, of “In And Out Of My Life” by Adeva. This song first appeared in 1988.
  • Number 12 on the list is a cookie cutter M1 piano cover of “Respect” by Michelle Ayers, originally out in 1992.
  • Number 26 is a remix of “Shined On Me” by Andrea Love and E-Smoove under his Praise Cats moniker. The original came out in 2002 on Subliminal, the label of the disgraced Erick Morillo.

And that’s just a few small examples from the main charts. Look into the others and you will find more. It certainly gives away the lie that house music is a meritocracy – unless you’re backed up by the Defected monolith or a label that is in favour with Traxsource A&R, you stand virtually no chance at having a shot at the top.

There also seems to be no explanation anywhere as to how this chart was compiled. Was it through sales alone, recommendations by their staff, a combination of both or something else entirely? Traxsource have not yet replied to my request for comment at the time of publication…

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