Anyone who follows Sacha Lord on Twitter will no doubt be aware by now of the format the account roughly follows. You could probably train a dog on how to run it, and they’d understand the process within minutes.

Each day, Sacha comes down from his high horse to tell us his daily message. It usually references something topical in the news, though never in a controversial way. It then mentions something along the lines that lockdown must finish by June 21st for England – and that any delay on this will damage our mental health.

And he almost never replies to anything anyone says to him. Not unless they’re a close personal friend or a celebrity, anyway…

So why is Sacha John Edward Lord Marchionne so keen for lockdown to end? I was always told in the past to follow the money – so I did. And I have to say in this case, it doesn’t exactly answer this question.

According to statements sent to Companies House, Parklife Manchester Limited made £2,935,870 profit during the year 2019. Indeed, the company went into the pandemic in good health, with over £4million worth of net assets. And over at The Warehouse Project (Manchester) Limited, pre-tax profits of £1,290,916 and just over £1.2million of net assets.

The other companies which Lord was involved with all appeared to be in pretty good shape too. So could it be matters closer to home?

A source contacted me to say he suspects that Lord is just fed up with spending so much time at home. With his clubs being largely out of action over the past year – and with girlfriend Demi also working from home as part of her job with a very large company – my source thinks Lord just wants to get back to work and thinks his mental health will suffer if he doesn’t soon.

Whatever the truth, one question remains unanswered. Just what on earth does Andy Burnham think of it all? The Mayor of Greater Manchester employs him as an adviser, but has never made any comment on his recent legal action against the government or about his views on lockdown.

I’m well aware that Lord takes no salary for this job, but I suspect the taxpayers of Manchester – who do pay Burnham’s annual £110k pay packet – might be interested to know…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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