So it’s official. The very talented Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor has decided she’s done enough years in the office and now wants to pick up a retirement clock and pension. Whether she’ll now fill her days scoffing Werther’s Originals, knitting and complaining things were better in the old days remains a mystery.

But hang on a minute. Haven’t we been here before? I detected more than a tinge of déjà vu when I first got the breaking news notification sent to my phone. And it turned out I was right.

In 2003, MTV News reported that she was retiring from the business. Their headline read “Sinéad O’Connor to retire… again”. Reading the article – which was written in the much younger days of the internet – it transpires that reports surfaced in 1995 that she retired then as well.

You won’t find the fact that she’s retired three times in the past 26 years on other news reports, of course. Just what do these big media organisations pay all these journalists to do, remind me again?

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