Mutya Buena wasn’t much of a fan when I wrote about her a few weeks ago. Much to her credit, however – and in stark contrast to others who refuse to engage when criticised – she made her feelings well known.

So when I saw her name appearing last night next to the word “freedom” in an RSS feed, I dreaded to think. Had she gone full on Danny Rampling and started attending anti-lockdown protests or posting mad Covid conspiracy theories online?

Thankfully not. It turns out she’s doing an event in Coventry on Sunday 29th August – during the bank holiday weekend. And it’s all to do with being proud of who you are. It’s an LGBTQ+ event – and why not, eh? There’s no denying she can sing…

There’s just one little point, though. And I surprisingly don’t mean this as a dig. It’s about the flyer above. What do they mean by “Mutya Buena (of the Sugababes)”?

I know the Sugababes were a bit fluid in regards to who was in it, but who could possibly not know Mutya is in the Sugababes, eh? 😉

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.