Back on May 21st, I wrote about A Guy Called Gerald’s revelation that he’d never been paid a single penny for “Voodoo Ray” or anything else he’d put out on Rham! Records in the 1980s. I came back to the subject on May 31st detailing a legal threat that he subsequently received.

Things have developed somewhat since. A Guy Called Gerald, real name Gerald Simpson, was asked a few times by different fans whether he would pursue legal action against the label – which isn’t actually the same label, as the original Rham! Records went bankrupt in 1992. He was a bit non-committal, from what I could tell.

But he seems to have changed his mind. He wants to raise £20,000 to fund his legal battle. At the time of writing, there’s £1900 already in the pot – not bad seeing it only launched this morning!

I’ve sent Barry Lancaster Smith – the owner of the new Rham! Records, who knows how to send legal threats to Simpson yet also proclaims he doesn’t know how to send him money – to see if he wants to comment. I’ll let you know if he does…

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