There are some interesting claims in my inbox today about Derrick May – and fear not, controls and checks have been tightened further since last week’s episode. This comes from two sources whom have given me extremely reliable information in the past.

Apparently, May is mulling over the idea of making a public apology for his actions in the past. But why? My first source says “He’s been thinking about this for a while. The lack of bookings in the diary is bothering him, and he thinks the answer is to say sorry. Derrick said to me that he’s thinking of admitting to the more minor accusations so he can save his career.”.

My second source, however, told a slightly different story. He said “Yeah, he thought about it, but changed his mind a few days later. He thinks every DJ at his level is like this and went on a rant about how the people writing about him are f**s and p*****s.”.

Hmm. The only thing that seems definitive here is that if Derrick May was to ever apologise, it would be entirely for self-serving purposes. Heaven only knows what his lawyer, Kyle J Dupuy – a specialist on “criminal defense, personal injury, marijuana law, driver’s license restoration, liquor licensing, and residential and commercial real estate” would have to say about it.

Speaking of whom, I’ve got a funny little video about May’s lawyer of choice coming up later this week…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.