Ah, Mixmag. As hard as they try to disguise it, the detectable stench of decay continues to be emitted off them unabated. They’re not even trying anymore – they seem to think that having millions of followers on social media is a licence to be lazy.

Here’s an example for you. Today, they published this article about the impending scrapping of almost all coronavirus restrictions in England. They almost sound surprised in the article to discover that many DJs and clubbers aren’t all that excited about it, having spent weeks pushing hard to see nightclubs reopen – mostly for selfish reasons.

And in a sign of just how stupid Mixmag think their average reader is, they claim that Save Our Scene UK’s temper tantrum on June 27th “pushed the government’s decision to reopen”. The most moronic statement ever published on their website? Quite possibly.

Elsewhere, DJ Ben Pearce is quoted as saying “Removing all the restrictions really just means the government can blame the public, hospitality, nightlife, sports & whoever else if the cases/deaths surge again”. Funnily enough, I published the same opinion last Friday – nice of Mixmag to catch up five days later.

How on earth is a lone blogger like me able to get in front of a supposedly well-resourced dance music publication with millions of followers? I’m going to have fun digging into this one…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.