Things are as clear as they usually get under the truly pathetic Johnson administration now – nightclubs in England will be, barring some last minute change of mind on the PM’s part, able to reopen on July 19th, nearly two weeks from now.

The wearing of masks will be at personal discretion, social distancing will be gone and no proof of a negative test will be required. Individual venues will reserve the right to set their own rules on this, but most probably won’t. This contrasts sharply with the likes of New York and other large US cities, where a negative result or proof of vaccination is often essential for gaining entry to clubs.

I take no pleasure in reporting that even with these precautions in place, outbreaks can still occur. Just look at the Netherlands. At least 180 positive cases have been traced back to a night at Aspen Valley on June 26th. Negative results or vaccine proof was required to get in.

England is now about to reopen clubs without that requirement. Why do I have a horrible feeling of impending problems? Can’t say I didn’t warn you…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.