Let’s face facts. There is highly unlikely to be a massive outcry against Derrick May. That may be the norm in other industries where someone faces countless allegations of sexual assault and rape, but this is the dance music world we’re talking about. It’s a bro club – and bro code rules apply.

This is why he hasn’t been hounded out and disgraced. However, there are metrics other than words which can be used to assess the situation. Let’s take a look at his page on Eventseeker. Currently, it looks like this…

Time was that this page, and other ticketing websites like it, would have been inundated with events. He was a massively popular figure for a long time, remember. Now? Contrary to what this screenshot depicts, there are none for him. All three bookings are actually for a band called Mayday – and the ticket site has goofed up and listed them under the wrong name!

Elsewhere, there’s a reference to him appearing at 51st State Festival in London next month. He isn’t – and I can only assume the ticketing websites haven’t been updated to reflect this. Promoters, festival organisers and the rest increasingly realise that booking May risks bringing with it backlash and strife.

Hard as it is to believe, the industry is taking notice. They’re doing it by not booking him anymore. And for May, this is going to be a problem…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.