I only wrote about her the other day, but I’m already back on the subject of Whitney Wei, the new editor in chief at Resident Advisor. You see, a piece appeared on Monday morning all about plague raves in Zanzibar. It’s a subject that Resident Advisor have previously avoided like, well, the plague.

5 Magazine got to the party first on this one, and no other mainstream publication has dared touch the subject. The article features no attempt whatsoever to explain past actions by Resident Advisor – not least profiting from plague raves – and certainly doesn’t apologise for it. It was also published anonymously, just like their previous article on Tulum.

If this is an attempt by Wei to put clear water between herself and what went before, she’s failed miserably. All this piece has done is had the likes of myself wondering which member of staff was put up to do this hatchet job.

But is there better to come from the new editor? It’s hard to imagine worse right now, but Wei’s Twitter likes give us an idea of what interests her. Earlier this year, she liked this tweet…

So, who’s going to be the first one that gets exposed? There’s no end of possibilities on this one. So many people using ghost producers, so many people taking credit for things they shouldn’t. You could make a series out of it.

But then again, it sounds like the sort of thing I would do, rather than a stuffy, establishment type publication like Resident Advisor. Prove me wrong, Miss Wei…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.