All the way back on Sunday, I wrote about how the Netherlands had to reinstate numerous restrictions at the weekend. One of those was the closure of nightclubs, which had only been allowed to reopen two weeks before. The Dutch government made a point of blaming nightclubs in their statement explaining where all these new Covid cases were coming from.

Festival organisers ID&T have now taken the government to court over their decision – the matter will be in front of a judge tomorrow. I’ll bring you more news on that as soon as I have it, of course. But is this also coming to a London courtroom late next month?

Well, let’s have a look at Covid cases. Back on June 30th, there were 634 new cases in the Netherlands – that went up to 7821 within 14 days. And as for the UK, there were 25,606 on June 30th and it was up to 36,216 two weeks later. Restrictions are still in place in England for another few days, so it’s not an exact comparison, however.

If cases rose like that in England over the next few weeks, the demands for another lockdown would be on a huge scale. Cue clubs closing again, cue anger, cue legal action. I wonder if Sacha Lord would be up for another row with the government?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.