Apologies for the slowdown in Derrick May posts of late. Some of the things being sent to me now are so utterly ridiculous that I have to do some extra homework to verify them – but this particular one checks out.

According to a source, “Derrick has started talking a lot about race in the past few weeks. He keeps saying that as a black man, he feels that black men have a duty to share their wealth with each other”. This idea of solidarity isn’t exactly a new one – but it’s a very new one, as far as Derrick May is concerned.

Another source told me – after they finished laughing – that “What Derrick probably meant was Carl Craig, Kevin and the rest should give him their money so he can pay for his three cars, child support bills and all the other s***. He’s the biggest cheapskate in Detroit. “.

That sounds more like the May I’ve come to know and not like…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.