Last night, the Government saw the clubbing world and effectively decided to throw the equivalent of an angry bee hive at it. And right now, there are plenty within the scene that are getting stung – and they are making it very clear that they do not like it!

During a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that proof of being double vaccinated will be necessary to enter large gatherings in England from late September. That will be the only way to gain access to nightclubs – no negative Covid tests will be accepted from then. Get jabbed or you won’t get in the club!

Will it happen? I strongly suspect it will, although possibly not on the timetable suggested. This government does have a habit of making promises and then going back on them – such as a certain promise months ago not to introduce a scheme such as this.

But let’s also remember England has been the most gung-ho when it came to Covid restrictions. The much more cautious approaches of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments will be receptive to this idea – and if Westminster can say it’s following a four nations approach, it makes it harder to stop it.

And here’s the other question I have. We all know that some DJs are open anti-vaxxers. Isn’t it going to look a tad awkward if they’re spouting on social media about how the vaccine will kill us all, yet also appearing in clubs across England which will be demanding such evidence to gain entry? If implemented UK wide, does this mean the likes of Danny Rampling potentially couldn’t work on any legal club night in Britain again?

Yet a side of me has my reservations about this idea, believe it or not. I happen to think nightclubs asking for vaccine proof is not a bad idea. But I also don’t trust this government – and I strongly suspect they already have other things in mind. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the wording included on any law on this subject could be so wide-ranging, you’ll end up with other things dragged into this – possibly even house parties.

So a law meant to be used to check the vaccine status of clubbers could theoretically be used to ensure that all parents attending a children’s birthday party also provided vaccine status to the organisers – i.e. the parents. Far fetched? Possibly.

But Parliament goes into recess this coming Thursday. Apart from a short time in early September, Parliament won’t be sitting much until October. This is meant to start in late September, which means less scrutiny from those pesky MPs and Lords who might be uneasy with the idea…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.