Which DJ has recently been making his drug dealer of choice very happy indeed? The DJ in question has been something of a cokehead for quite some time now – and this isn’t a particularly well-kept secret in the dance music world – but has recently given his dealer something to smile about.

Lately, he’s increased his order to what’s known as an eight ball. For the uninitiated – and that included me until I heard about this – that means an eighth of an ounce (roughly 3g) of cocaine with each order. And he’s not only been buying one a time, but several.

Indeed, he’s buying so much that his dealer requires that he phone in his order and arrange a collection date and time. A bit like Argos, but for illegal drugs.

His purchasing habits have not gone unnoticed by friends – and they’re intrigued as to how he’s able to pay for all this. He’s barely done any gigs over the past 15 months and has a fairly lavish lifestyle…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.