It seems test events to see whether large gatherings can be held safely without spreading coronavirus aren’t just a curiously British, error-ridden thing. The Germans have decided to give it a go – conducting an event over this weekend at Clubcommission in Berlin.

And reading through the list of requirements to go to the event, I got a terrible case of déjà vu. For starters, a PCR test – that’s the ones sent off to laboratories – is something everyone will have to do to gain entry. This is regardless of whether you’re vaccinated or not. Just like at the Circus nightclub test event in Liverpool, amongst many others.

And once the event is over, you need to take another PCR test on August 13th – but here’s where the déjà vu really flares up again. This test is not mandatory. You don’t have to do it. Again, just like at the Circus nightclub – where turnout for the post-event test was an utterly pathetic 7% of all attendees.

Let’s hope that Germany has a little bit more sense in this regard. Otherwise, that could be the first of several mistakes…

Tip of the hat goes to The Left Berlin where I first read this story.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.