Plague rave DJs typically don’t talk about the plague rave. They ignore it and pretend it never happened. Only one had the courage to explain themselves – and even then, they only agreed to do it on condition of anonymity. The others? They ignore comments and questions on the subject. The more persistent ones, like Business Teshno, just get blocked.

And they post photos of themselves in the likes of Zanzibar or Tulum, yet fail to elaborate on just what the hell they’re doing there. Even this has previously come across as tone deaf, seeing the citizens of numerous countries have been subject to stay at home orders during the times when Covid rates were rising.

Which is why I found this one just downright weird. A reader emailed me with this screenshot from Dubfire’s Instagram account. It was a story that he posted on Saturday – the words are from someone else, but people tend not to post things they don’t agree with on social media…

As it happens, I agree with much of what’s written here. Speaking personally, I’m not an expert on all things in dance music – but I don’t try and bluff everyone. Instead, I have friends and sources who do know about the subjects that I’m weaker on. No one can be an expert on everything, it’s that simple.

But I can’t help but wonder why Dubfire is posting this. And my theory is that this is a subconscious attempt to justify doing plague raves in the likes of Tulum months ago. I suspect Dubfire is trying to say no one understands his perspective on this issue, but claims more expertise on the subject than he’s credited for.

If this is the best you can do, I’m really not impressed…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.