Yesterday, Stormont met up to decide which sets of regulations to change and which ones not to. For some reason, Covid infection rates in Northern Ireland are currently nearly twice as high as England – and three times higher than Wales or Scotland. So room for manoeuvre is rather limited at the moment.

Hence why nightclubs in the likes of Belfast and Derry have still not been given a date for when they can open. The absurd situation where someone anywhere on the island of Ireland must cross the Irish Sea to go clubbing remains.

It’s nice, however, to see that at least someone in Belfast has a tiny scintilla of awareness of the subject. Because in their statement yesterday, this appeared…

Raves? If I’ve interpreted this correctly – and it’s entirely possible the PSNI might say I haven’t – you can have an outdoor rave from Monday. And it seems you can also have a party outside with music – like a rave, but called a private outdoor party if the police come knocking.

It’s like reading about Paul Staines and Sunrise all over again…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.