Unlike the dance music press, this blog tries its best to provide a 7 days a week service. I have never understood why they try to cover a 24/7 culture that comes alive on evenings and weekends on Monday to Friday office hours.

But I digress. For logistical reasons, quite a lot of the content you see on this blog at the weekend is scheduled in advance. However, if a news story does develop. I can step in and write about it. Weekend posts can always be rescheduled for early in the week, after all.

Which is what happened when I found out on Saturday morning about what London club The Cause were doing. They planned on Sunday afternoon to hold a 9-hour long party, with the proceeds going to drugs charity The Loop. By my standards, I was pretty positive in my article, noting this seemed an appropriate way to reopen after recent tragedy.

Late on Sunday evening, however, I discovered that the event had been cancelled. Cancelled, in fact, at very short notice indeed. I’ve since heard from two disgruntled clubbers who say the first they found out about the cancellation was when they arrived at the venue on Sunday lunchtime – having travelled quite some way to get there in the first place.

Incidentally, I planned on publishing this post on Monday – but I held off publishing until today, as I emailed the club to give them an opportunity to respond. But over 48 hours later, they haven’t bothered to do so.

The Cause are saying little about why the event didn’t happen, other than an Instagram statement claiming that “some of the key artists we had in mind to play are not able to make it unfortunately”. Long on detail, they most certainly are not. Elsewhere, they state “all ticket holders will be emailed with instructions on refunds or how to donate your ticket fee to The Loop, which we hope you will all do”.

I can’t help but think this feels like an almighty cop-out from The Cause. We now have absolutely no idea how much money The Loop will receive from those refunded ticket fees – potentially, they might receive nothing. And we certainly don’t know whether Resident Advisor are keeping their share from the tickets. What an insult this is to The Loop.

And to top it all off, the club will now reopen again very soon as if nothing ever happened. The opportunity to come back after this tragedy in an appropriate manner has now gone.  If this was any other industry, this would be a PR disaster on an epic scale. It’s just as well the likes of Resident Advisor are selling their tickets – they’re not going to get held to account by a website who’s earning out of this, are they?

And the rest are just too lazy and sycophantic to say anything. What a farce…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.