You can tell it’s a Saturday. Not just because there’s football on later, not even just because there’s even more rubbish on TV tonight than normal. No, it’s because Mixmag are serving up the usual dose of old articles on their social media.

Every weekend is the same. Having journalists at work in the office creating new content is too much effort, apparently. Even preparing articles in advance – standard practice at newspapers for many years to reduce weekend staffing costs – is one step too far.

Hence why Mixmag’s nearly two and a half million followers on Facebook are each weekend treated to scheduled posts with articles from years ago – not even fresh articles from the week gone by make the cut. This article about Carl Cox being spied on by the police is a particular favourite.

I’m just one man running a blog, yet I’m able to provide fresh content every single day. Why can’t an established publication like Mixmag do the same? Isn’t it a bit awkward that a publication which covers a 24/7 culture only seems to operate during weekdays?

Don’t their followers deserve better?

The Six On Saturday column returns next week.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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