I’ve received a number of emails in the past 24 hours about this subject. DJ Sneak’s agent has been sending emails all over the place, telling them that the remainder of his gigs for 2021 are no longer taking place.

The reason? According to the agent, the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in the USA is causing Sneak a lot of concern – for the remainder of the year, he’ll only be doing gigs in his home state of California. Presumably this means that his gig with Derrick Carter and Mark Farina in New York in November won’t be happening either.

Sneak’s own views on the pandemic remain a closely guarded secret. Even his close friends, according to a source, know next to nothing about his thoughts on the subject. None of them even know whether he’s had his Covid jabs.

Indeed, the only thing I can find Sneak has said was a comment that people doing illegal raves during a pandemic shouldn’t expect sympathy if they’re caught out. Which is an interesting line to take because it doesn’t explicitly condemn plague raves – it simply says if you do it, don’t be surprised if there are consequences.

Alternatively, Sneak just might not need the money right now. Who knows what’s true in the world of DJ Sneak?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.