There was a time – a very long time, in fact – when Derrick May was happy to be photographed. Very happy, in truth. He loved being photographed and would often play up to the occasion by making a silly face.

Well, that time is over. On Tuesday, a journalist friend sent me this photograph – and on first seeing it, I honestly didn’t know who it was. Only on closer inspection did I realise I was actually looking at a picture of Derrick May at the Charivari festival that took place in Detroit over the weekend.

I’m not normally one for commenting on someone’s appearance, but this picture struck me. He looks gaunt. He looks like he’s lost some weight in recent months. He also looks to me like he’s aged significantly in that time.

You’d almost think something was on his mind, wouldn’t you? If only there was someone out there who could tell us…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.