Back on July 21st, I wrote about Dance For Stevie – an event forthcoming at Ministry of Sound on October 3rd. It’s all to raise money to pay for very expensive adaptations to the Laviniere household so Stevie – one half of British DJ duo Bobby & Steve – can come home.

It’s been a lengthy battle, and sadly, it shows no signs of receding just yet. Bobby took to Facebook yesterday to provide an update. In the early hours of August 7th, Stevie’s wife Julie received a phone call from the hospital where he’s being looked after to say things had taken a turn for the worse.

An ambulance had been called, as his breathing was poor and he had a high temperature. Doctors later confirmed Stevie had caught sepsis, a chest infection, pneumonia and a urinary infection – all at the same time. Due to the severity of the situation, his family could not stay with him at the time.

This was doubly complicated for Bobby, as he was actually due to perform at 51st State Festival later the very same day. No one would have blamed him if he’d decided he couldn’t go through with it in the circumstances – but Bobby made the difficult but courageous decision to go to the gig.

Mercifully, Stevie has now made a full recovery from this dreadful episode and is back in the hospital care home where he resides.

Fancy going? VIP tickets are gone, but some general tickets remain. Can’t go? Put some money in their GoFundMe – £11k raised so far…

By The Editor

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