Whenever a singer dies these days. one of the questions which soon raises its ugly head is what’s going to happen to all the music they made which was never released. And what happens to their music in the future? For example, Aaliyah died back in 2001 at the age of 22 from a plane crash, and there are still disputes over her music to this day.

Similar questions were asked in the world of house music after Frankie Knuckles died back in March 2014. This was a man who had contributed an enormous number of original productions and remixes in the house music world since the 1980s – his work was sparse during the 2000s due to health problems, but he bounced back as part of Director’s Cut with Eric Kupper in the early 2010s.

So when he died at the age of 59, there was speculation a huge treasure trove of unreleased material existed. Eric Kupper denied this in an interview later on, and his words appear to have been correct – apart from a few unreleased Director’s Cut remixes, not much has emerged.

Earlier this year, Billie Ray Martin revealed that the Frankie Knuckles remixes of “Heading For The Night” by Electribe 101 would finally be making their way to vinyl – the label they were signed to refused to release them back in 1990.

However, these had been heard before. For a number of years, anyone could listen to them on Soundcloud. They were uploaded shortly after his death just over seven years ago. But totally new – or old, depending upon how you look at it – material was lacking.

Until now. Yesterday, it was Frankie Knuckles Day – something initiated in 2004 by a then little-known Illinois senator called Barack Obama. I wonder what happened to him? A song by Knuckles was found recently on a two-inch reel-to-reel tape and it’s called “I Want The Love Of My Own” and DJ International are putting it out in October.

What’s it sound like? At the moment, no sod knows. They’re keeping it under wraps. Expect, however, my honest thoughts on the song in the near future… 

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.