Sometimes in life, I just wonder what it must be like to be a fly on the wall – able to listen in to conversations that those talking might prefer the world didn’t know about. In which case, heaven only knows what the fly that’s been buzzing around the house of Louie and Anané Vega must have picked up.

Allow me to explain. Louie Vega, as you may already know, is one half of Masters At Work. Whenever he appears with his MAW partner Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, both men wear face masks. They frequently wear the aforementioned masks in photographs – and Vega even wrote a social media post referencing the Maskers At Work name a few rather cheeky people have given them.

To say this is quite a contrast with his wife Anané is a massive understatement. She spends a considerable amount of time each day on social media sharing arguments against wearing face masks or taking the vaccine. Recently, she was sharing false claims that the White House doesn’t mandate its staff to take the jab – Politifact confirm they do.

And only this weekend, her friend William Sabatini – otherwise known as DJ Sabo – posted a rant on Facebook where he compared the US government’s stance on the Covid vaccine to an abusive partner who insists their partner has a “medical procedure” done. None other than Anané herself appears in the comments, with several hand clapping emojis.

If you’re reading this and ever get invited to the Vega household for dinner, probably best not to mention this subject. Things could get a bit frosty…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.