Regular readers will no doubt be aware by now of my views on Whitney Wei, the new editor of Resident Advisor. If you don’t – I think she’s a terrible editor. The only thing that’s changed since she was given the top job is there’s a lot more stories on the site about Berlin – the city which Wei has lived in for a few years now.

Recently, she told us she was on a mission to “raise the calibre of music journalism”. Well, if 5 Magazine’s latest spot is anything to go by, Wei is failing abysmally in her mission on her own patch.

One of their writers, Katie Thomas, has been caught red-handed lifting stories from 5 Magazine and then writing them up almost word for word on Resident Advisor. The first story was lifted three days after publication – no citation of sources, no new context or quotes added to the original story, nothing. The second was this…

According to Thomas’s Twitter profile, she also freelances for several of the other dance music press outlets. I get the feeling that Czarina Mirani, the lady in charge at 5 Magazine, won’t be hiring Thomas anytime soon…

How does lifting stories from other websites almost ad verbum sit alongside your vision of improving dance music journalism, Whitney?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.