Facebook has this surprisingly useful feature on it where towards the start of the day, it’ll remind you of something you posted one year ago on this date or whatever. And there’s bound to have been a few people out there who were reminded yesterday of their tributes for Erick Morillo.

The DJ died under the cloud of suspicion of a rape charge. And as I said yesterday, he took the easy way out. At the time of his death, the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Steve Lawler, Jamie Jones, Dennis Ferrer, Harry Romero, Pete Tong and numerous others were quick enough to post tributes.

Many of them would have received reminders of those tributes today. Yet not a single one of them had the courage or sheer stupidity – depends how you look at it, really – to say something more about their friend. Are they really that keen for him to be forgotten? Are they really that scared to ask some hard questions of themselves?

Michael Weiss at Nervous Records called him “one of the all time greats in our industry”. Well, the answer was just as expected. Yousef described him as “troubled, less than perfect” in a tweet he deleted later – with no apology or explanation. Pete Tong claimed he “had his demons”. And Carl Cox bizarrely said he “had no words to say”.

It’s almost as if all these men are ashamed of their dead friend. One can only wonder why they demean themselves by remaining silent…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.