During my five-year stint of making and remixing house music, I learnt a couple of things. One was if you’re ever offered a song to remix that’s considered a classic, tread carefully and be aware there will be people out there who don’t like what you’re doing.

I suspect Cinthie would have been well aware of this when approaching to remix “The Whistle Song” by Frankie Knuckles. The original mixes came out in 1991 and have never been bettered. Italian duo Supernova did an interesting interpretation some years ago and Mr V somehow turned it into a 10 minute long jazzy number – but very few have treaded here.

So, what’s Cinthie done with it? See for yourself…

My thoughts? Whilst expecting to be horrified, I was infact pleasantly surprised. The bassline has been changed, some pretty nice piano has been added, and the arrangement is tougher than it was in 1991 – presumably reflecting more modern day tastes. I personally would have preferred a little more focus on the flutes and whistles – it is called “The Whistle Song”, after all – but that’s my own view.

Is this better than the original version or even up there with it? No – although I’m not sure it’s meant to be. Is this still a pretty playable update that’ll give the song a new lease of life to another generation? Most definitely. Full praise to Cinthie for taking on a challenge that many – including myself – would have ducked…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.